The Three "Rs" for Living Space Improvement

Think your living space is too small, lacks lighting, or simply doesn’t work for you anymore? It may be time to rethink your living space. Looking for more efficient ways to make use of your space and improve your home isn’t as difficult as advanced calculus, you just need to follow the three “Rs”: remove, repurpose, revive.


One of the easiest methods of making a space appear larger than it actually is, is to stick to the 'no clutter' rule. To help remove clutter make use of the backs of cupboard and wardrobe doors that are out of sight, install under shelf storage to store things in wire trays and baskets, and make use of ‘dead space’ with vertical storage solutions.

Decluttering not enough? Consider removing a wall to turn two cramped rooms into one open area with better lighting, and a more spacious feeling. Consult a professional to establish if it’s a load bearing wall, and if it carries wires, pipes, or heating ducts.


Rather than accepting designated room labels, perhaps it’s time to consider your family’s lifestyle and needs and tailor your home to meet them.

A formal dining room can be made part-library for book lovers. Adding bookshelves and a comfortable chair invites the readers in your family to sit and relax. If book shelves don’t work in your dining room, move them to the back foyer; it’s often an underutilized space that can also be used for storage, with hooks, shelves, and cabinets.

If your living room is doing a lot of multitasking as the television, computer, games, and homework spot, consider sub-dividing it into two separate areas. Bring in a casual dining table or desk for the work area, and make use of a sectional, carpet, or even a bookshelf to divide it from the relaxing area.


Your space may simply need sprucing up to help revive its look. Paint is the number one way to freshen and change the whole look of a room, even if it means painting one wall to contrast the other three. Complement new paint with new cushions or an area rug that fits your colour scheme.

To dress up and soften the windows, add a ready-made panel curtain over the blinds, then tie it to one side. And to really lighten up a room, add recessed lighting such as downlights or floodlights that don’t take up extra space.

Make your space enjoyable by removing, repurposing, and reviving, and you’ll fall in love with your home all over again!