FAQ - Why use an Agent?

Q: What are the benefits of working with a Real Estate Agent

A:  Below are nine examples of how agents help when purchasing a home:

1. Work with a professional for peace of mind.

As a real estate agent Mike Vanderkruyk adheres to a strict code of ethics and is committed to ongoing education. He has an intimate knowledge of sales and trends in the local  market and his knowledge of contract law ensures the paperwork is handled correctly.

2. Be the first to get information on new listings.

Not only does Mike have access to the multiple listing service, He is also invited to exclusive “agent only” open houses that let me find out what’s on the market  before anyone else.  I pass this information along to my clients.

3. I know the competition.

When making offers they can often go to ‘multiples’ where several agents are  submitting offers for their clients. Mike know the best strategies to make your offer stand out in the crowd.

4. Find the right property for your specific needs.

Mike will help find your home based on your specific needs.  He know where schools, hospitals and amenities are located and can advise you on which locations will be the best fit for your budget and lifestyle.

5. Help you evaluate your next property.

Knowing which inspections should be conducted, including checks for termites, dry rot and asbestos stem from years of experience and knowing who to call when more in depth look is necessary .  Mike can help you gain access to the sales history of the property.  If there are issues with the title he can help you resolve them before problems arise.

6. Negotiate the best price on your next home.

Mike an experienced and expert negotiator.  He can save you thousands of dollars on the purchase price of your next home.  He will maximize your return and give you peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

7. The best financing options.

Mike can assist you with understanding the various financing options available and refer you to a qualified mortgage professional.  Finding the right house is the first step, but finding the best financing is just as important.  

8. Refer you to great partners.

Helping you find the right lawyer/notary, home inspectors, tradesmen, movers and other service providers is part of the service the Mike provides.  He has a list of recommend suppliers, saving you time and worry.  Mike pride himself in delivering exceptional service and looking after your every need.

9. Know what government programs can help.

Mike knows the current incentives and rebates that help homeowners and will let you know if you qualify for any tax credits or special financing options.

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